A journey of spiritual awakening awaits in Charles P. Gibbs's insightful new collection of poems, Light Reading.

Always on a pilgrimage of remembrance, even during the brief time in which he tried to run away from his own understanding of God, Gibbs has learned to embrace and thrive in his spiritual understanding.

Over the past four decades, Gibbs has undergone an intense transformation which saw the death of many false selves—and the rise of the true self, which is ultimately a reflection of the One.

Called by many different names throughout the world, depending on what religion, culture, or tradition you ask, the One is nevertheless the true source and power of love—no matter what name you use.

This truth is explored through Gibbs's own experience as a spiritual pilgrim, an expedition that has taken him to Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and beyond.

Whether you are a seasoned pilgrim, have just set off on a spiritual journey of your own, or merely possess a vague feeling that something significant is missing in your life, Light Reading will support and challenge you on your own sojourn into the heart.