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National Cathedral Homily

Preaching At Washington National Cathedral

  • A pre-inauguration homily on 19 January 2017
  • A post-election homily on 17 November 2016

Interfaith Wisdom Circle Launches

Videos from the inaugural convening of a new global Interfaith Wisdom Circle.

Stillness Settles Over Lake Dunmore

This poem reflects nature's power to draw us into our truest self.

Living Peace

The faces of people of diverse faiths dedicated to working together for peace, justice and healing; the faces of a world where uniqueness is celebrated and unity is lived.

Each of Us Will Die One Day

Charles Gibbs reads his poem about the deep calling of the universe for us to lead our lives in the most fulfilling and joyous way possible.

Symphony of Peace Prayers 2014

Charles Gibbs extends an invitation to participate in the 2014 Symphony of Peace Prayers, hosted at the Fuji Sanctuary of Byakko Shinko Kai in Japan with connected observances around the world; and he reads his peace prayer offering. 

We Unite

This brief video tells a story of the creation of the United Religions Initiative and highlights work done in URI’s name around the world.  

Faith Into Action

A Catalyst for Peace Conversation – Charles Gibbs, Libby Hoffman, and John Paul Lederach discuss how the Moral Imagination approach to peacebuilding supports the work of the URI in practice and philosophy. Set in Gulu, Uganda. 


Founding Executive Director Rev. Charles Gibbs invites participants at the Euphrates Institute Summit 2011 to take the initiative to reach out to people of other faiths and offers inspiring examples of what happens when people do. URI has more than 500,000 members in 83 countries and 559 member organizations, called Cooperation Circles, dedicated to building peace and ending religiously-motivated violence.

Rev. Charles Gibbs Joins Sister Jenna to Discuss Religion & Spirituality